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juni 18


19:30 - 21:30

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Oudervereniging Balans


The Hungry Mind

9a Wijndaelerweg, 2554 BZ The Hague

The Hague, ZH, NL, 2554 BZ

Presentation in English about Tailored Education and Home sitters. Speaker: Willy de Heer, PhD.

Tuesday evening 18th of June, 19.30 hours untill 21.30 hours

Location: The Hungry Mind ( )

Wijndaelerweg 9a, 2554 BZ Den Haag

All children in the Netherlands have the right to receive education. Most children don’t have problems with the lessons at school. But not every child is the same. Sometimes additional help is needed, or a child needs extra practice. Sometimes a child needs different explanations or teaching materials. At times, they need education at another, special school. Or can develop with a special care and- education arrangement.

Willy de Heer will give a presentation in English about Tailored Education and Home sitters.

Willy de Heer received her PhD from Leiden University in 2017 for her research into the education of very easily learning or gifted children. She then founded the ANBI foundation Knowledge Center for Easy Learners in 2018 to spread scientific knowledge about (very) easy learners. For the same reason, she has published books for parents, professionals and other interested parties and provides lectures and master classes. She also conducts research in educational institutions and makes serious learning games (VR games in which the player experiences what it is like to be treated differently from other people). Prior to her promotion, she worked as a teacher in primary and secondary education, as an administrative expert and as a nurse.

After the presentation you can ask questions to Willy de Heer and the volunteers of parent association Balans.

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