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Nieuw kennisblok: Voeding & AD(H)D

Informatie over voeding en ADHD (medicatie)

What can you do as parents and as a child if you are diagnosed with AD(H)D, or if you are diagnosed with characteristics of AD(H)D? There are various treatment therapies. Such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and/or medication.

Invloed van voeding

Scientific research has been conducted for ten years into the influence of diet on AD(H)D. Including at Wageningen University & Research . It has not been scientifically proven that a diet can positively correct the cause or consequences of AD(H)D. It is clear that nutrition can be important in combating under- or overweight in children and young people with (medication against the symptoms of) AD(H)D.

Tips en Tricks

Wij hebben hier informatie over verzameld, die je kunt vinden in de kennisbank op onze website. In het blok Voeding  &AD(H)D. Kinderartsen en een diëtist vertellen over het onderwerp. En er is informatie over nationale en internationale onderzoeken. We geven Tips & Tricks en er zijn links naar interessante boeken en docu’s. Bekijk ook dit filmpje over de relatie tussen AD(H)D, voeding en medicatie.

Voeding & ...

The Nutrition & ADD pillar falls under the knowledge base block ‘Nutrition’ . Here you can also read about the significance of nutrition in autism, for example. This knowledge block is still under construction. 


Call our advice line, available every day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 030-2255050. 


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